It’s simple,

why SEA?

The establishment of a set of initiatives carried out, allow us to reduce costs exponentially in services associated with telemetry, reducing the expenses of the operation and maintenance of gas companies by up to 20%.


We are capable of a lot

To make all our ideas possible, we have made them come true with the creation of our platform.


The solution is to optimize the number of high cost measurement equipment; complementing them with robust hardware, plug & play, affordable, new generation and open to new processes that require the collection of sensorization data.


Using cloud storage, artificial intelligence and 50 years of know-how we create unique models of information analysis.

We are experts in digitization

for gas infrastructure


Our team has a total experience in the world of gas and energy, which allows us to develop more specific projects.


We understand that data security is important, so we developed a platform with guarantees in cybersecurity.


We provide our technological partners with accommodation, exploitation and presentation of data simple for the user, according to market demands.

Health of the measure

Even in situations where the health of the instruments is apparently good, and the data is transmitted correctly, the measurement may be distorted. Detecting these circumstances is not easy, however, our system will do so by applying different logics at the measurement station level.

All variable measuring stations in detail

Supervision of smart instruments: computer flows, US meters, gas chromatographs

Alarm management

Definition of user variables and controls

Pressures, temperatures, flows and gas quality

Validation, Substitution & Balances

The current measurement systems are not able to determine for themselves if the measurement could be incorrect, and generally this information is collected only in a shallow way and is not exploited. Our intelligent data management will be able to detect these cases and provide valid data.

Automatic validation of reliable data

Constant verification against limits made to measure

Detection and signaling of missing, frozen or erroneous data

Replacing invalid data

Analytics & Reports

In addition, we have dynamic graphs of historical data or in real time. We provide the user with the interpretation and use of the data observed in the platform, making them tangible in reports and reports, with which to obtain more precise conclusions.

Custom reports: the user sets the scene

Overview of the holistic pipe system

Associated with the best analytical tools

Dynamic graphs for historical or real-time data

Physical balance and not accounted for gas


Quality tracking gas is a well-known technique that allows to estimate the quality of gas at each outlet of the network according to the quality and flow of the inputs. The value thus obtained provides a more accurate billing and balance.

Prediction of demand (hourly, daily and weekly)

Adaptation to the TSOs market and idiosyncrasies of the TSO

Monitoring of gas quality

Our models are adapted to the particular circumstances of Transport Network Managers


Companies need to establish a technology base

lay out covering the needs required for their


SEA Platform

The core of the concept of SEA, consists of the following pillars …

Deploying IoT Devices

To obtain in real time, a high resolution in the measurement of the data.

Digitally Process Values

Assigned by algorithms trained in Machine Learning with historical data.


The health measurement station, and validate the data against the expected behavior.

Propose Alternative Values

In case of loss or difficulty of the data.

Are you looking to improve your measurement processes?