Provide proof of authenticity of your IoT edge

Hardware devices should have a unique fingerprint just like humans do


Physical access to EDGE devices introduces important threats as most of these devices are manufactured in limited trust environment with no relevant government regulations. Despite this lack of controls devices end up being implemented in critical infrastructures around the world.


It is mandatory that an organization is able to test that a device deployed in the field has not been altered in any way (or even cloned) and that its software only runs on the originally designated device.


The proposal created by SEA is based on Blockchain and would provide a mechanism to protect our infrastructure from breached devices. This would not be possible to do with standard manufactured devices.


Receive alerts in case of unauthorized physical access or your software be running in a device that is out of your organization


We offer a new young and daring proposal that combines outstanding technology and topics currently being researched with fantastic results. Our solution uniquely identifies each device without the need for users to get information from the manufacturer and to do so we need two main things:


SRAM PUF​: Each device has a source of digital fingerprint that is used to uniquely identify the device. Using a suitable algorithm we can analyze the pattern of behaviour of the device and use it later to match its origin during runtime.

Blockchain​: It will be the infrastructure used to give information about registered devices and their behaviour pattern. This information would allow users to check that their devices in the field are still being genuine (have not been altered in any way). We use this technology because it offers availability, integrity and make our data be transparent to others that want to check our device is genuine.


The blockchain as a way to establish trust

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