Software of Artificial

Intelligence for Gas

SEA helps you optimize and improve processes in gas infrastructures through our Artificial Intelligence Software, using Open Source technology, IoT & Machine Learning


Focused on gas transport and distribution

With our platform, operators can visualize gas flows in real time and explore measurements in detail.

We know the Infrastructures

We have specific technical knowledge in gas infrastructures, as we rely on a benchmark in the sector such as Enagás.

Agile Methods

We identify ourselves always learning, collaborating with our clients and adapting through iterations of continuous improvement.

Developing models based on AI algorithms hosted in the cloud

We combine real-time processing and predictive analytics, revolutionizing the current way of monitoring and managing the measurement process, enabling the proactive resolution of events.

What do you need? We can help you

We offer different solutions to adapt to the needs of each user

Measurement health

Monitoring the measurement of each instrument, manage alarms, alerts, indicators and custom variables.

Validation, Substitution & Balances

Check and ensure the reliability of the measurement at all times. Have alternatives in case of failure and visualize balances.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate customized reports for each user with dynamic graphics in real time.


Predict the demand for gas using AI techniques (Machine Learning).

Storage of data in the cloud

A new way of managing operational data of gas networks, with great access and analysis facilities.

Service 24h/7

From our IoT devices to business intelligence.

Modality of payment for use

Prices based on the number of IoT devices and contracted applications.


Tech Partners

We rely on great partners to have an optimal platform to the latest technology.

If you are developing a project and have an idea in mind in which you think we can help you …



We are open to new processes that require sensorization and use of cloud storage and artificial intelligence for the analysis of information.



We adapt!

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